BBnZ Live, the record label that manages artistes, EL, Lil Shaker and Kojo Cue wanted creative and innovative ways of getting their works (album, mixtape and singles) out there with a digital edge so they got in touch. With a list of influential social media users, we managed to push and undertake successful campaigns that saw them trend, be a part of the conversation and create interest for their respective works.

As the release of EL annual mixtape, B.A.R II drew closer and the digital natives grew tired of the same old ways of promotion, BBnZ Live got Digit to activate our hub of influencers to create conversations and whets people’s appetite for the coming mixtape. In the matter of hours we carefully created content that was relevant and spoke to the target audience they had in mind and did same for pushing every single and video that was released during that period. We got the campaigns trending and people following tweet, post or piece of information online relating to the artistes and their respective work on the trends map as well as some earned media in the process. We also did same for his second studio album, ELOM. Lil Shaker’s ‘Yellow Sisi’ and Kojo Cue’s ‘Lavender’ also got the same treatment from influencer management to the earned media and got them into the ears and faces of people without spamming their accounts.