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Jumia in collaboration with Pernod Ricard was looking to officially launch the Jumia Party Platform in Ghana. This is a platform that gets Pernod Ricard drinks delivered by Jumia in an hour.

Pernod Ricard saw the need for high earned consumers of their drinks to get drinks delivered to them at their doorsteps whenever they want to have a drink up with some friends at home.
To launch the platform, we threw one of the biggest parties which happened in December 2017 at plot 7 in Osu. The event saw over 2500 people in attendance. Attendees got their invites delivered to them by ladies on motor bikes. 20 influencers were selected to perform a dummy purchase on the App. Their drink of choice was brought to them by the ushers on a motor bike within a stipulated time , this was to demonstrate the fact that Jumia Party is a “1 HOUR ALCOHOL DELIVERY PLATFORM”.
The Country managers for both Jumia and Pernod Ricard officially launched this platform amidst massive media coverage.