Stella Artois

Sarkcess Music

Stella Artois, a premium alcoholic brand, wanted to make its official debut into the Ghanaian market targeting affluent and hardworking upper class youth. They approached us and we made it happen with a launch event at Bistro 22 at Labone in 2017

For the bourgeoise brand Stella Artois is ,the target for the launch were young men who like to hang out at top notch places in the city
They like networking opportunities
They like to show people their success level
The venue and launch nature capitalized on these characteristics of the target
The launch event happened at Bistro 22 in Labone. Brand visibility was achieved with Stella Artois branded parasols,bars,barrels,chalice and a digital truck.
At the high point of the event, the Hero Display saw the screens on stage split to reveal the Stella Artois Bottle cutouts at both sides of the stage. There was a chilled bottle of Stella Artois beneath the stage that was also shot up amidst cheers from attendees.
There were live performances by Efya and Manifest with the event being MCed by Joselyn Dumas and Chris Attoh.
Attendees were presented with the Christmas pack as they left the event grounds after the event