Stella Artois

Digital, Ghana’s biggest online classifieds website had a lot of stickers on cars and one of the things they wanted to know was how to tell if people knew about them and had an idea as to what they did. Echo House was contacted for a social media campaign and a personal user generated one was created ‘iFoundTonaton’. It was personal and interesting enough to get the winner at the end of the campaign to send in 1,000 entries and over 3,000 entries from all parts of the country. The campaign generated a lot of following and some earned media in addition from a media and marketing leading blog, that wrote about the effectiveness of the campaign and the vibrancy of on social media as the ‘New Kid on the Block.’

BTL released the number of people who visited their site and patronized their website were moving and evolving to other platforms and Echo was their first point of call. We developed a school fair and took them on a tour. From one campus to the other and it worked perfectly as students app download grew to 41,000 more downloads. This was done in the 3 main universities and got rave reviews as we got artistes like Sarkodie, Episode among others to join in the fun.