Vodafone X

Vodafone X Let’s Not Pretend

Vodafone X, Vodafone Ghana’s youth platform was created in a bid to create a place where the youth could interact and feel free. Created with the mantra, ‘LIBERATION’, online, it started with the campaign, #LETSNOTPRETEND buying into the rebellious and nonconformist mentality of the youth that allows them to see things differently and say things the way they are supposed to be. This campaign setup Vodafone X as one of the youth friendly accounts that understood and knew how to relate to the youth without forgetting the rules and regulations that guides its existence. The campaign, however got over 1 million interactions and engagements from popular social media characters to celebrities and trickled down into earned media on Citi FM, Joy FM among others. Additionally, we created an on-the-ground feel of the campaign that got people getting the nice post or tweets they send out printed for them in T-Shirts at vantage points all for free.

BTL After 14 months of operation, Vodafone X has over 490,000 SIMs sold. The network is one of the most successful products ever invented in the telecommunication landscape. It was created from initial thought to the X concerts and various engagement activities like Insomnia (All Night Movie Experience). The network now has outperformed and grown into a lucrative venture that has attracted competitors to create similar packages and products that are not doing as well as Vodafone X.

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