Vodafone X

Vodafone Ghana before their start in active social media was run from Kenya with no better understanding of the local terrain. This meant their content wasn’t local friendly and sensitive enough to get the sort of response and interaction they wanted. Echo House came in and created content that brought some fun and lightheartedness to their interactions, persona and brand identity online. In the first year of operation, Vodafone Ghana won the most interactive and active social media account for an organization during the Blogging Ghana Awards 2014. Compared to their competition online, they had the best response time, rate and content that could hold consumers and clients for longer hours since it was Ghana sensitive. A social responsibility activity like the ‘HealthLine’ wasn’t getting the sort of attention it needed and therefore got Echo House to create content suitable and relevant to the demography that mostly used social media and would otherwise not watch TV. iRed was created and Vodafone YouTube became one of the most interactive and most visited brand channel. Each episode got more traffic and views than the other and has grown over time for Vodafone Foundation to have its own account.

Vodafone Ghana had realized that there was a lot of complaints regarding their services, sales were down and had to act on it as quick as possible. With this in mind, Echo came into the picture and took them on an “INTERNET FAIR” from region to region. With a strategic and effective plan of selling and fixing problems, Vodafone Ghana over a period of 6 months had exceeded its targets.

Phones 110 183
Airtime 16,500 28,955
X SIMs 2,200 4,728
Broadband Signups 55 43
Vodafone SIM 1,000 2,076
MiFi 550 316
Modem 1,100 857
Opera Mini 1,100 1,191