X Signs Snapchat

Vodafone X Let’s Not Pretend
Vodafone X, built on the premise of offering the best youth experiences (with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already free), had noticed the increasing love or gravitation towards other social media platforms. With increasing interest, the brand had thought of adding an extra app for free but hadn’t settled on why one to make free. The decision of which app to sign was left to us.
Football which is a big feature in the youth calendar had opened the window for transfers. This offered us the opportunity to become a part of the conversation and play on the biggest social stories making the rounds. Pitching apps against each other in a funny competitive space that allowed fans to make cases for why an app should be added.
Vodafone X wanted to add a new free app to their packages. Subscribers were asked to name apps they preferred to be signed on to the other side. #VodafoneXPleaseSign led the conversation.
The new player on the other side was announced with a creative. A record 22368 people saw the post as 464 people retweeted it. Switching the conversation to #VodafoneXSignsSnapchat hashtag.


…and then, the online community lived happily ever after