My Echo Story: Samuella Graham

Recent studies show that Snapchat has an average of 166 million daily users as of June, 2018 and is widely used by individuals below the age of 34. For this reason, it is necessary that Ghanaian businesses and entrepreneurs know what to do in order to massively promote their businesses or products on Snapchat. Listed below are a few pointers to set you in the right direction.

1. DESIGN A SPONSORED GEO-FILTER: This is a special overlay for snaps that can be accessed at specific locations. With on-demand filters, you can create your own geo-filter for your event or business. Mr. Eazi for instance, has a themed geo-filter for his hit single “London Town” featuring UK Rapper Giggs that appeared as you flip through filters. This was used as part of marketing promotional strategy for the song globally. As a brand, you can use this as one means to popularize your business.

2. USE SNAPCHAT ADS: These are 10-second vertical videos that appear between stories. Since these videos are automatic, they are bound to catch the attention of users. They offer some kind of interactive action, such as a call to view a certain link or subscribe to a certain page.




3. INCLUDE YOUR SNAP HANDLE IN YOUR BLOG: Include your handle in your blog, website or other business platform to draw people to add your business on snap. Once you are able to do this, you increase your views and the more people that view your snap stories, the more potential clients or customers you gain as a business.

4. ORGANIZE PROMOTIONS AND GIVEAWAYS ON YOUR SNAP STORY: Since Snapstory lasts for 24 hours, posting promo codes, vouchers and giveaways on your story would entreat many people to view the story in order to wine. In expectation of another giveaway, customers would continue to view stories and would see other products that you post regularly.

5. LET SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS TAKE OVER YOUR ACCOUNT: Giving your Snapchat platform to some popular figures could boost the popularity of your snap and your brand, this is because customers like to see poplar personalities patronize the same products they do, so doing this would encourage more people to show interest in the brand or product that you’re pushing. So for instance, your brand can employ someone like Sarkodie if you intend to reach the masses or Kwesi Arthur, if you are more focused on reaching the youth. Your choice of influencer in dependent on the target and purpose of the takeover.



6. POST OFTEN: Make it a point to post frequently in order to keep people’s attention on your account. Leaving your story idle for a long period of time would cause people to lose interest in the account and they’d stop viewing your stories.

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