Our Leadership


Beryl Agyekum-Ayaaba


She may not have made use of her of civil engineering degree in the conventional sense but Beryl’s studies certainly helped ‘engineer’ her into her career as creative marketer. It was at KNUST that Beryl’s passion for selling – and telling the unique stories often associated with brands – neatly came together. After seeing a gap for a single go-to offering for students to connect and collate their memories and experiences, she and some pals put their creative heads together… and Echo the magazine was born. Beryl has since helped grow and turn EchoHouse into a 360 creative marketing shop.


Bright Ayaaba


Just how exactly do youth self-empowerment, project management and production come together? Ask Bright. He’ll tell you how these three passions dovetailed and, for his part, steered him away from a civil engineering background into becoming a founding executive of EchoHouse. And he has never looked back. A firm believer in young people’s ability to shape their own destinies is his greatest driver, as is efficient project management and the sense of reward that comes from a job well done. All Bright wants is a happy client.


Julio Cyriaano


Ideas are one thing, but somebody has to make sure a slick product comes out the other end of the creativity machine. As Chief Production Officer, Julio keeps a sharp eye out for quality production and exceptional work, day in, day out. His passion for excellence – ‘there’s never an excuse for sloppy work!’ – has translated into first-class production work on, among others, the first-ever Samsung Concert at the University of Ghana for then brand ambassador Sarkodie, Vodafone X Concerts across four campuses, the Bass Awards, and Tigo Switch Concert.

Kofi Agyekum


A chartered accountant with a degree in economics and maths for good measure, Kofi Agyekum is the company bean counter extraordinaire. He is on top of all things financial at EchoHouse, and with a growing workforce and talent pool, keeping an eye on the numbers is certainly keeping him busy. This suits him fine, as ‘output is his top priority’.